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Bilderberg: Switzerland as a revelator !
For the first time, Bilderberg is widely known.

Italy complains over Bilderberg incident

The Italian embassy in Bern has requested an enquiry into the expulsion of an Italian EU parliamentarian who tried to get into the secret Bilderberg conference.

According to a report by the Italian news agency, Ansa, on Saturday, the Italian foreign ministry has asked Switzerland to name those responsible.

The incident happened on Thursday when Mario Borghezio and another unnamed Italian citizen were stopped by employees of a private security service at the official entrance to the Suvretta House luxury hotel in the Swiss resort of St Moritz, where the conference is being held.

He showed his deputy’s card, but since he did not have an invitation the cantonal police were called. He was held at the police station before being expelled from the canton and forbidden to return until after the end of the conference on Sunday.

Ansa reported on Friday that the security agents had “laid violent hands” on the two men. One of them had suffered a nose bleed.

Borghezio announced at a press conference on Friday that he would bring legal charges in connection with the incident.

The highly secretive Bilderberg Group is described as a gathering of the world’s power brokers, which has met every year in a different location since 1954.

A demonstration against the meeting called in St Moritz on Saturday afternoon by the Young Socialists attracted only about 50 participants, the Swiss News Agency reported. and agencies

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